The Most Beautiful and Iconic Tarot Decks to add to your collection

The Most Beautiful and Iconic Tarot Decks to add to your collection

Ever wondered how and where to get some of the most in-demand luxury Tarot Decks? you’ve come to the right place! ✨

It doesn’t matter where you are in your spiritual journey, finding a tarot deck you can connect to whether you’re an expert or a beginner in tarot readings is incremental to honing on your intuitive skills. 
Whilst the traditional Rider-Waite Tarot Deck will always remain in the hearts of many, the growth in the niche of Indie Tarot Decks and independently published decks in recent years has meant that there is now a greater array of decks you can choose from. 
Ironically, the commodification of Indie Tarot and Oracle Decks has resulted in the destigmatisation of Divination and Spirituality. 
Creators and artists have sought towards creating decks that are easy-to-read, with useful yet unconventional archetypes, such as the increase in Gender Neutral Tarot, feminist-based Tarot Decks and decks featuring more of People of Colour to help build on gender and racial inclusivity which is so fab! 


At Look Dollicious, we are the home and central of independently published Tarot and Oracle decks with stunning, exquisite designs and LUXURY written all over our collection. 

Here is our list of the top 10 most beautiful Tarot Decks to grace planet Earth, and this list has coincidentally remained as some of our top Bestsellers: (we’ll create another list for Oracle Decks going forward, so stay tuned doll!) 

1. The Gentle Heart Tarot by Vanessa Somuayina

The Gentle Heart Tarot is a 78-Card Rose Gold Tarot Deck with fundamental pink and preppy themes, with Rose Gold Sides and Edges and a Rose Gold Guidebook. 

Staying true to its’ Rider-Waite interpretation, the archetypes in the decks have remained predominantly the same. 
The deck holds a relatively lighthearted and fun energy, making your readings ultimately spicy, meaningful yet lively. 

The Gentle Heart Tarot
2. The Divine Feminine Tarot 
The Divine Feminine Tarot by Cocorrina is a whimsical Tarot Deck inspired by Cosmic Goddesses, celebrating the creation of femininity and women. 
The deck is available in either Nocturnal or Diurnal Edition.
Nocturnal Edition focuses on nightly themes, while Diurnal Edition involves minimalist and marble designs. 
It is beautifully embellished with hot Gold Foil edges and sides, as well as Gold Foil Designs. 

And what’s more? Hand-painted Acrylic Painting on its’ card backs! 

The packaging itself is nothing short of mesmerising and truly sublime. The cards are wrapped in a gold wrapping paper and are enclosed in a two-piece black box with a ribbon. 

The guidebook itself is perhaps one of the most comprehensive, creative and detailed guidebooks we’ve seen thus far, and as such, this makes such a great Beginner’s deck! 

When the decks were first released, the Divine Feminine Nocturnal Edition quickly grew to become our ultimate best-selling Tarot deck, and tugged at the heartstrings of many of our customers. 
We simply cannot rave enough about this deck, so bask in the glory of DFEM Tarot’s pictures!
 The Divine Feminine Tarot (Nocturnal Edition)
DFEM tarot

The Destiny Tarot is sweet, soft and loving. 
This is a non-traditional Tarot deck with 78 Gold Foiled Tarot cards and 2 bonus cards, making it a total of 80 cards. 
The cards themselves have keywords written on them so if you’re struggling to make sense of the unique symbolism, the keywords will act as a great way to interpret your readings. 
It has a sensual and soft texture, with a heavyweight card stock, kept in a rose-inspired two-piece box. 

The Destiny Tarot

4. Soul Cards Tarot (Midnight Black Edition) 
Soul Cards Tarot by Kristine Fredheim is a modern, exquisite and luxurious Tarot Deck designed for experienced readers. 
The Soul Cards Collection comprises of 4 different coloured decks — Blush Edition, Midnight Black Edition, Green Dream Edition and White Dahlia Edition (currently sold out) 

The archetypes and symbols may be unbeknownst to the amateur, but it’s a gorgeous deck through and through, and a classic deck to add to your own collection. 
The Midnight Black Edition perfectly accentuates the gold accents and gold foil on the cards, and glimmers in the sunlight and moonlight. How beaaaauts! 

Soul Cards Tarot
Soul Cards Tarot (Midnight Black Edition)

The Accurate AF Tarot is pretty much.... accurate AF. 
This is a deck that defies all odds, and is a pastel, sweet, circular-themed deck with circular cards, with both upright and reversed keywords printed on them.
They are beautifully adorned with gold foil highlights, matte gold gilding and a velvet rose petal finish. 

The layered imagery and illustrations boldly encourages readers to use their intuition to conjure the best possible meanings in their readings, and invites the reader to connect with their Higher Self on a deeper spiritual level. 

Accurate AF Tarot