Tarot Decks


Elevate your spiritual practices with our exquisite collection of independently published esoteric decks, Tarot Accessories such as pouches, altar scarves and more✨

We ship worldwide, but please read through this list to find out where decks are shipped from and please read our note below! 

Personal Power and Love Story (UK) 

Omni (UK) 

Kaleidadope (UK and Singapore) 

Afro Goddess (UK) 

My Quality Time (UK) 

The rest are shipped from Singapore :) 

NOTE: If you’re keeping up to date with Brexit, you’d be acutely aware of increased VAT costs and import duties attached to goods arriving to the UK. This is especially true for multiple heavier goods such as decks. 

Sidetrack: why do you think food and groceries at major supermarket chains such as Sainsburys are priced so highly post-Brexit in the UK? 

To keep the costs of our decks and shipping costs affordable and to increase accessibility to spirituality by regularly offering discounts, we’ve decided to house most of our decks in our second home, Singapore. 

Those keeping up to date with COVID and BREXIT will understand the severity of this issue. Smaller businesses have been harder hit as a result. 


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