Welcome to Look Dollicious💘

The one-stop spiritual and cutest fashion accessory stop for eclecticand the style-savvy. 

Look Dollicious (Look Doll-icious) is an eccentric lifestyle and fashion retail powerhouse, seeking to bridge both spirituality, cruelty-free and vegan beauty with female empowerment, whilst simultaneously transforming how confidence and self-care is achieved. 

Our branded products are ideal for the good girl gone bad, rebels, misfits and dolls who are looking to revolutionise their style with a tad bit of fun, quirkiness and fabulousness, and a touch of sass.💘

As a loud, confident and futuristic lifestyle and fashion brand, we pride ourselves on our adorable, female-empowering, funny and feel-good impulse buys that speak to one’s personality and alter ego. 

Whether you’re searching for a meaningful piece of accessory or jewelry, a scintillating gold foil journal or a luxurious deck to help kickstart your self-care and spiritual trajectory, snatching a pretty rad outfit for a night-out, Look Dollicious is your go-to fashion fix and self-love destination in this era. 

Although the key motto is to look doll-icious (delicious), equally important is the concept of feeling self-assured, unstoppable and truly confident. 

We believe in the power of maintaining healthy self-care and wellness routines, radiating your internal glow as well as your external glow — looking all SNATCHED on the runway whilst feeling like an absolute queen in your own skin. 

You’ll notice we aren’t like the many other spiritual retailers - in destigmatising esotericism as a form of self-care, we seek to make spirituality accessible for everyone, encouraging people of all backgrounds and ages to prioritise their mental and spiritual well-being as much as their external flamboyance. 

Look Dollicious was birthed when we noticed a glaring gap in the market for a fashion brand that embodies and appreciates concepts of spirituality and self-care. 
Originally founded back in 2020 by Hillary Kylie, Look Dollicious, as formally known as The Dolcé Rose, has had humble beginnings on Etsy. 
After a wildly successful run of 1800 sales, and selling to over 34 countries and counting worldwide, we have since transitioned into bigger and better things, operating full-time on our own website, and also operating on ASOS Marketplace and Amazon

Look Dollicious begun in a University of Bristol student flat when Hillary was still embarking on her second year of her BSc (Hons) Sociology Degree in the middle of a global pandemic, with a single rose-gold MacBook Laptop and.... good ol’ college stress :-) 

When you support a small business, you support the movement and aspirations of budding entrepreneurs in the making. 

Look Dollicious is more than just a brand, it’s a way of life, a community of diverse dolls, and a fashion statement in our 21st century. 


We are proud to be an Equal Opportunities employer, where individuals of all races, religion, creed, sexuality, gender are embraced in the workplace. 

As a woman-owned business run by a woman of color, it is our utmost responsibility to perpetuate our mission statement in all aspects of our work, code of ethics and conduct, such as raising awareness on inequality, mental health and fighting against discrimination. 

We regularly invest and devote our time and a portion of our profits to mental health charities and supporting up-and-coming young female-founded start-ups, fuelling the spirit of entrepreneurialism and championing worthy causes in society. 

In March 2021, Look Dollicious donated more than £500 of our monthly profits to the Natasha Abrahart Legal Foundation, an alumni from the University of Bristol who had sadly taken her own life. 

Since then, we have been relentlessly fighting and advocating for increased accessibility to mental health treatments and education on mental health disorders.  

Look Dollicious is and always will be an unconventional fashion retailer for the queens who aren’t afraid to flaunt and step into their power of being showstoppers.

We’re so glad you’re here, doll!