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Our work schedules are largely flexible and are mostly remote roles! 
This means that you can work freelance virtually, according to your own schedule and availability each week - as long as the minimum hours are met. 

The roles we have can be either fulfilled part-time or full-time. 

*You have to be at least 18 years or older to apply*

Other than fulfilling our minimum requirements in your application, tell us more about yourself, your hobbies, how you found us and how you resonate with the brand! 

We don’t bite! ✨


(Remote Role - work in the comfort of your home) 

This role requires you to interact with our international clientele, be prompt in replying to our consumer inquiries, through emails and messages on a timely basis and in a professional manner at all times. 
This includes uploading tracking numbers, issuing refunds or processing returns, answering shipping concerns, order inquiries, keeping track of sales, drafting invoices and orders for clients, answering general questions from prospective clients and business partners, and last but not least, being able to handle any disputes that may arise. 

The Rebel Couture currently holds a 5-Star rating, and we continually want to ensure client satisfaction in our soul-inspired business and maintain a good rapport with our clients. 

Whether you’re fresh out of college, on your gap year, wanting an additional stream of income alongside juggling University, this role is an adequate fit. 

There’s no need to travel anywhere, at all! 

All you need to do is have a laptop, phone, good cellular connection, and clock in according to your availability schedule. 

Meetings and trainings may be required on a monthly basis for check-ins. 

Minimum Requirements: 

- Be proficient in English Language 

- 6 months experience working in Retail 

- Have excellent interpersonal skills and communication 

- Adept with Email communication 

- A Levels Qualification or equivalent


- Starting Pay: $11USD/hour (Includes bonuses)  

Availbility Schedule: 

- Beginning from 3-4 business days per week, 2-3h per day 


(Remote Role - Work from the comfort of your own home) 

Most of our existing and prospective clients come from our social media accounts, pages, platforms and increased web exposure, as well as target marketing. 

This role requires you to manage our Social Media Pages and Sales Channels, through replying to important DMs, engaging in Content Creation to promote brand visibility and awareness on the algorithm, posting on a regular basis, hosting live sales and giveaways, marketing our products and creating customised Ads on an occasional basis to drive traffic to our store and taking direct orders from clients.

You will be handling our Facebook Page and Shop, Instagram Page and Sales Channel and Pinterest Shop and Account. 

Minimum Requirements: 

- Proficiency in English Language 

- Beyond being social media savvy, having some form of technical expertise and experience in content creation and social media marketing would be useful. 

- 6 months experience in a similar role pertaining to Advertising and Marketing 

- Experienced and adept in managing Social Media Sales Channels, Pages and understanding Algorithm.

- A Level Equivalent Qualification 


- Starting from $25USD/h (includes 5% commission for each ad converted to order) 

 Minimum 10h per week