Statement of Declaration

This is to hereby declare and decree that The Rebel Couture is a legally verified company and an AUTHORIZED retailer of the brands whom we carry and have a close professional association with: Cocorrina & Co Ltd, Soul Life by Kristine Fredheim, Astrosoul, Shop Allume, PrettySpiritsCo, Deja Drewit, Prism & Fleur Design Studio, DreamyMoons, The Quirky Cup Collective, Zen Den Candles, EyeofAstro (Linzi Silverman), KatieSkellyComics, Kristi Prokopiak, Nicole Piar and more. 

This is to further declare that all our products are genuine, verifiable and are NOT “counterfeit” or replicas of the brands we work with or carry. 


Any unfounded allegations or defamatory statements targeted towards the integrity of our business issued by claims-makers, whether consumers or business competitors, shall be investigated and dealt with under the Court of Law with immediate effect. 

We aim to adequately credit and respect all Artists, Designers, Creators and Brands we work with. 

The Rebel Couture does not condone Defamation, Libel or Slander, and strong legal repercussions will result upon individuals or perpetrators involved in the fabrication of falsified accusatory statements perpetuated against our company. 
We vehemently condemn all forms of cyberbullying under the guise of anonymity, whether by consumers or other business competitors who are out for their own gain. 

The Rebel Couture exhibits no interest in the pursuit of ‘competing’ with our competitors nor the brands whom we share a professional business relationship with, particularly through the use of illicit underhanded tactics in trade to eliminate industry competition.

We aim to be transparent, accountable, self-aware and professional at all times. 

At The Rebel Couture, we believe in everyone having an egalitarian opportunity to thrive. 
We believe in the strength cultivated through diversity. 

We, The Rebel Couture, pride ourselves on being an equitable and an all-inclusive brand for all.
Owned by a Woman of Color, The Rebel Couture condemns all forms of injustice, Racism and marginalization. 

As we stand by our ethics and values in business, we stand firmly with raising awareness for Mental Health and Psychological Well-Being, for the greater good for all, and for Small Business Owners.