If you’re an Irish customer, please scroll down to read your update. We are currently suspending all international mail to the Republic of Ireland at this time until further notice.


Please note that delivery couriers and services are still invariably strained and inundated with rising postal demand, particularly closer to Christmas and New Years’. The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t over, and with the rush of Christmas shopping, international parcels are reported to take a substantially longer time to arrive than expected due to various factors including social distancing measures, lack of manpower resulting from isolation, privatisation changes and other unforeseen factors.

Please keep a CLOSE look on your tracking number and contact your relevant postal authorities and us if you have any questions, instead of construing misconceptions.

You’re solely RESPONSIBLE for tracking your package. Once your parcel leaves our hands and is handed over to Royal Mail, UPS or SingPost with a valid receipt and tracking number, we assume no responsibility after. 

We ask for your continued patience during this time.

We propagate a ZERO ABUSE policy, so hurling relentless abuse towards us when your parcel is delayed - i.e. calling us “scams” and sending abusive and threatening emails will categorically not get you anywhere.


The shipping email contains YOUR tracking number and the link to track your parcel in real time. 
Please do not be lazy and assume that it’s our responsibility to track it for you everyday.

Please also do not be impulsive and SPAM unnecessary multiple emails asking “where is my parcel???” when you have the ability to track your parcel yourself. If your tracking status hasn’t updated for more than a week, then contact us.

There has to be a specific boundary between client and business. All the guidelines are here for you to read and peruse through in case of queries. We cannot help someone who refuses to use commonsense or read, or jump into wild conclusions about us just because their parcel is taking longer to arrive.

You get the same energy you put out to us.

However, we’re always happy to mediate and mitigate any undesired outcomes should you approach us respectfully :) 

If you’re impatient, rude, or unnecessarily hostile, we kindly ask that you shop somewhere else where your abuse will be tolerated and welcomed.

We do not need your business or money, and we will not hesitate to terminate or refund your order IMMEDIATELY.

We run our business ethically, and not through ways where we are financially desperate for cash by serving abusive customers for a quick buck.

This business is run by 2 final year Psychology and Sociology undergraduate students at the University of Bristol.

We have a degree, a corporate career and a life outside of this.

For further information on shipping, please visit our FAQ section. 


It is with great regret that we will be suspending ALL international deliveries to the Republic of Ireland until further notice. 

This is a huge blow to us all but given the debilitating situation with ANPOST (Royal Mail’s Irish delivery partner) and the incompetency of Irish Customs, parcels sent to Ireland have been returned to sender or are held indefinitely by customs almost every single time. This is occurring to numerous businesses nationally and globally, and we simply do not have the manpower or capacity to mediate or compensate for consistent lost mail on ANPOST’s or Irish Customs’s behalf. 

If you’re curious about the extent of this mailing disaster, simply google “ANPOST delayed mail” and you’ll be greeted by a plethora of news articles reporting on the matter.

This whole situation has only caused us and our Irish customers significant grief and pain - and even though we appreciate you all loads, we now have to bid farewell for a little while until the situation with ANPOST and Irish customs has stabilised monumentally.