Shipping/Delivery Notice! 🌸 Please read before purchasing

Hi all! Thank you so much for your support, especially this Christmas. Rest assured that your support does not go unnoticed, and from the bottom of my heart I deeply appreciate each and everyone of you.

Due to a sudden shortage of manpower (me being back home in Singapore and suddenly having no one to help ship orders for me this last week due to unforeseen changes - I know! I’m learning as a small business owner) and vital changes to restrictions around the pandemic which impacts shipping, there will be important updates going forward: 

• Items shipped from Singapore (most card decks, tarot accessories, journals, some candles) will still have normal processing times which would be 3-5 business days. 
Items shipped from the UK (mainly accessories and some candles) will be shipped AFTER 27th December. 

Orders placed after 21st of December  containing Personal Power, Love Story, Omni Deck and most accessories and candles which are shipped from the UK will be subject to these updated processing times. 


• Due to all the mess around the new COVID-19 variant in the UK and possible lockdowns engendered by Boris and his troops (sigh it’s never-ending), Royal Mail’s shipping timeframes will be substantially impacted along with the hectic nature of the holidays. 

These delays will also be caused by an impending shortage of manpower for postal services, due to increased isolation and social distancing measures. 

Although the UK is bearing the brunt of the pandemic at the moment, it is likely that this will be felt equally worldwide soon. 

• If you have not received your parcel after 22 working days, please contact the local postal courier of your country as we’re limited on what we can do. 

• If you’d like expedited shipping, please contact us for a list of items you’d like to order and we’ll get back to you with a custom shipping quote.