Accurate AF Tarot

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By Prism & Fleur 

Now offering an Unopened Deck with Slight Imperfections on Box option in original packaging which ships from the UK! 

Due to shipping mishaps, one of our Accurate AF Tarot decks has a slight deck on the bottom right corner. However, the contents of the decks are still immaculate and pristine quality. This option is for anyone who’s looking for an almost brand new deck at a cheaper rate. <3 

If you’d like a brand new one with no imperfections, select option one. 

An ethereal, dreamscape world of tarot to explore. 𓂀

Pastel sweet circular cards, adorned with gold foil highlights & a velvet rose petal finish. 💘

These cards encourage readers to conjure the power that was already within them all along, with keywords on each card (both upright and reversed) to help you with your intuition.

Layered imagery + symbols help to transform vague thoughts & provide focus, overall, a gentle invitation to deepen the relationship with yourself on a mental, emotional and spiritual level.

——• DECK SPECS •——

♡︎ 78 Tarot Cards with 10cm Round Shape, with Gold Foil Detail and Matte Gold Gilding
♡︎ 350gsm art paper
♡︎ Velvet Matte Soft Touch Finish
♡︎ 2 Piece Velvet Matte box with Gold detailing

*gold foiling on round cards has a small 2-3mm variation from deck to deck, a circular deck quirk, each one is unique.