Ethereal Orbs Oracle Deck (Second Edition)

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By Maria J. Praema

*Ships from the UK*

NEW Ethereal Orbs Second Edition Print.

Rigid two-part box upgrade, keywords added to all Fixed Stars.

Inspired by the Alhambra Palace (Granada, Spain) and the 1001 Nights, this deck delves into the theory of the Mansions of the Moon (also known as Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology), as well as some of the main Fixed Stars used in ancient magic and traditional astrological practices.

The deck is perfect for those looking to learn more about the Moon and embark on a journey to healing the soul.

The Cards

44 unique designs
64 mm x 89 mm
Anti-scratch matte lamination
Thick card stock (350 gsm)
Luxurious silver holographic foil for both sides

The Guidebook

107-page full-colour PDF guide that covers all the planetary significations and theory behind each of the elements in the cards. Ideal for those looking to study and understand the deck. Your PDF file will become available once your order is fulfilled and you receive your tracking information.

The Box

Rigid two-part box with a rose petal finish (velvet touch)
Luxurious silver holographic foil on the front