My Quality Time Self-Care Oracle Deck

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The My Quality Time Self-Care Activity Deck is a hand-illustrated, quirky 44 pocket sized Oracle Card Deck designed to help you get in touch with various self-care activities, painted with water colour and scintillated with green gilding. A small booklet is included and the deck itself is enclosed in a magnetic box. 

By Deja Drewit.  

A meaningful yet casual Oracle deck that is designed to connect with your inner child, enhance your self-care practices and have fun with listening to your intuition. 


• 44 pocket size cards with magnetic box (2.45” x 3.95”)
• 44 fun activities that are easy to do, whether you have kids or on a budget
• 6 Blank cards for you to add your favorite things to do
• Hand illustrated and painted with watercolor
• Includes a small booklet with alternative activities for each card
• 400 GSM matte finish cards
• 2nd Edition includes 9 new cards!

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