Practical Magic Tarot Deck

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The Practical Magic Tarot Deck is a fresh, modern handmade 78-card Tarot Deck presented in an embroidered canvas pouch.

By Chinggay Labrador

Kickstart your tarot journey with a fun + fresh, modern tarot deck – no scary stuff. Just Practical Magic.

This Practical Magic Starter Deck introduces you to the tarot and all the Practical + Magical potential it holds.

By using modern images, relatable catchphrases, and archetypes that are easy to grasp, the Practical Magic Starter Deck helps tarot newbies and enthusiasts see tarot as a tool they can use everyday – something that can add magic to the mundane.

The tarot is a 78-card system of symbols and archetypes that can short circuit you straight to your intuition.

When you learn the tarot the Practical Magic way, you empower yourself to:

• tackle overwhelming feelings, thoughts, and emotions
• shift your perspective about yourself, your relationships, your career, and your life
• build mindfulness so you can create and move towards milestones that matter to you

• 78-card deck, printed in Hong Kong
• A foldout mini-zine that gives you the information you need to start reading the cards
• Presented in an embroidered canvas pouch, made in the Philippines.