Pretty Filter Glassy Skin Balm

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By Touch in Sol


Touch In Sol Pretty Filter Glassy Skin Balm is an ultra-hydrating priming skin balm with a sensationally smooth texture that melts into your skin and creates the ultimate glow that lasts throughout the day.

A Glow Balm delivers optimal prepped canvas for makeup.

Brightening: Formulated with a highly refractive oil that brightens skin. 

Moisturising, Glow and Primer: A balm-type moisturising primer that refines texture of skin and delivers supreme hydration

Skin nourishing formula for healthy skin: Phytosqualane, 5 types of Hyaluronic Acid, damask rose water that keeps skin hydrated and soothes skin.

How to Use

At last step of skincare routine, apply evenly to the face to achieve dewy and glowy skin. 

All you need in a busy morning is this 5-in-1 glow balm. This all-in-one balm delivers roles of hydrating cream + moist pack + primer + glow cream + boosting for your radiant skin.