Soul Whispers Oracle Card Deck

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By Annie Tarasova of Dreamy Moons

Soul Whispers is a set of 33 Gold Foiled Oracle Card Deck with Gold Foiled Detailing on each card and edges, as well as a Gold Foiled Guidebook, enclosed in a luxurious two-piece black box. 

—— ABOUT——

Soul Whispers contains simple messages from our Higher Selves that help us expand our consciousness and rise into the powerful, loving, free version of ourselves.

These messages are gentle reminders of love, compassion, gratitude, and magic, to help with cultivating self awareness and looking within.

Soul Whispers was born from a place of deep meditation, a sense of infinity unity and love, heightened intuition and endless inspiration. The messages on the cards and in this booklet came from Annie’s personal realisations, experiences and beliefs, what her Higher Self was communicating to her in a loving way.

Soul Whispers can be beneficial for anyone to hear, by helping you align with your own Higher Self, and to connect with the messages from your Soul and the Universe.

——• SIZE •——

♡︎ Size: 90 x 130 mm (3.5 x 5.1 inches)
♡︎ Gold foil detailing on each card, box, booklet.
♡︎ Gold foil card edges.