The Slutist Tarot II

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By Morgan Claire Sirene

The Slutist Tarot depicts a journey of sexual awakening, exploring and finding one’s own power, and making choices from that place of power.

It’s feminist, sex and sex-worker positive, and queer, trans and femme-friendly.

Slutist is meant to be both erotic and representational — not just for daringly promiscuous sex witches, but also for those who devote themselves to monogamous relationships or abstain from sex all together, because we acknowledge that “sexual liberation” is an all encompassing power to make choices about one’s own sex life. 

The Slutist Tarot aims to put a woman’s voice behind eroticism, and to create images of people on the feminine spectrum in a way that we believe honors their sexualities.


  • 78 full-colour tarot cards kept in a pink box 
  • Downloadable PDF guidebook*