The True North Tarot Deck

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True North Tarot is a handmade 78 card Polaroid-style Tarot Deck with holographic foil highlights on fronts and backs of the cards, with a soft touch rose petal laminate - feels like velvet! 

By Prism & Fleur

The cards are 350 GSM card stock, meaning it wouldn’t bend or crease easily and is easy to shuffle. 

The deck comes with a 98-paged comprehensive guidebook. 


Your intuition is your guiding light.

Photographs take you back to a specific place, in our concept of time, to relive memories we hold dear...It’s the simple act of taking a moment and eternalising it beyond more than a memory.

Combining these far and wide captures of our planet and the classic symbolism of tarot, True North Tarot will immerse you in these moments to gain guidance for life’s other big moments and everyday living. 

 Explore the diversity and underlying energies of our magnificent planet, while aligning with source through the traditional symbolism of tarot.

Re-connect with your inner wisdom.

May your intuition lead the way, always.